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Group Purchasing Program Partner

Laboratory Supplies, Equipment & Chemicals

Video Recap of the SoCalBio Group Purchasing Program


The Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio) offers member companies and organizations the opportunity to save money on products and services procured through the Biotechnology Industry Organization's BioBusiness Solution program. 

Managed by the SoCalBio Group Purchasing Committee, The SoCalBio Group Purchasing Program is offered only to SoCalBio members based in the Greater Los Angeles/Orange County/Inland Empire/Gold Coast region.

SoCalBio is please to partner with VWR to secure deep discounts on lab supplies, equipment and chemicals for SoCalBio member companies 

Actual Savings


Lab Supplies Spend Range Under SoCalBio-VWR Program
Average Savings Off List Price Under SoCalBio-VWR Program
> $2M $2,682,800
$1M - $2M $931,959
$500k - $1M $472,161
$250k - $500k $252,683
$100k - $250k $108,145
$50k - $100k $53,582
$25k - $50k $23,812
$10k - $25k $12,304
< $10k $2,696
The savings represent average annual savings of the actual program participants in the BIO-VWR program. Results will vary based on individual company's Product Mix and Purchase Volume 

Member Benefits

  • Hot list of of more than 2,700 items, with savings of up to 75% from list
  • Hot list flexibility—pricing for high volume items commonly ordered can be added to the hot list to match your company's local pricing
  • Discounts across the entire VWR product offering
  • Special pricing on capital equipment items with list price of over $1,100
  • E-commerce rebate if most of your orders are placed online
  • No minimum order required
  • Next-day delivery to most locations
  • No shipping charges for products shipped from VWR's primary distribution facilities. Discounted hazardous materials handling fees. Discounts on third party purchase fees.
  • Detailed quarterly usage and performance reporting
Special Manufacturing Pricing Agreements
Special pricing agreements with major manufacturers: BD Biosciences, Beckman Coulter, Biohit, Cardinal Health, Corning, EMD Chemicals, Eppendorf, Greiner, Honeywell Burdick & Jackson, Kimberly Clark, Mallinckrodt Baker, MBP, Mediatech, Microflex, Nalge, Nunc, Pall, and Thermo.


Enrollment is as simple as completing a one-page enrollment form/agreement. Contact your local VWR sales representative. To enroll, contact:

For more information, please call SoCalBio at 213-236-4890 or send e-mail to scbc@socalbio.org

To be considered as a preferred vendor, call SoCalBio at 213-236-4890 or send e-mail to scbc@socalbio.org

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